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Pyramids of Giza
Open daily from 8am till 4pm ( to be ready for Sound and Light Show ) The main entrance is at the end of Pyramids Rd (Sharia al-Haram), though if you come on a tour bus, you may enter through a gate below the Sphinx, in the village of Nazlet as-Samaan; you can also exit here on foot. Additional tickets are required for the Cheops Boat Museum and the pyramid interiors. The Great Pyramid is always open, along with one of the other two (they alternate every year or so). Pyramid interior tickets are purchased at the main entrance.

Sakkara and Step Pyramid
Most of Saqqara, except for the Step Pyramid, was buried in sand until the mid-19th century, when the great French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette uncovered the Serapeum. Since then, it has been a gradual process of rediscovery: the Step Pyramid’s massive funerary complex was not exposed until 1924, and it is in a constant state of restoration. French architect Jean-Philippe Lauer, who began work here in 1926, was involved in the project for an incredible 75 years until his death in 2001. More recently, there has been a string of new discoveries, including a whole slew of mummies and even a new pyramid. For more information, see boxed text p 156 .
Pyramids of Dahshour
Snofru (2613-2589 BC), first Pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, who would take monument-building to a new level. Snofru began by completing the work on his father's pyramid, then constructed a step pyramid of his own at Meidum. Yet once it was completed, Snofru had a design for a new monument, utilizing what he had learned in his previous efforts. Snofru's second pyramid was to be a true pyramid from the beginning, unlike Huni's, which had been built around a step pyramid "core."
Memphis The First Capital of Egypt
Memphis The First Capital of Egypt, although the city was once an area replete with royal pyramids, private tombs and the necropolises of sacred animals, centuries of builders quarrying for stone, annual floods of the Nile and greed-stricken antiquity hunters succeeded where even the mighty Persians failed: the city of Memphis itself has almost completely vanished.
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